Valley Tan

“In this fourth release we’re taking a big step back in history and transitioning much of the mash bill to a wheat based recipe, after finding historical references to such methods.  Furthermore, the majority of all the wheat used in the mash is coming from the northwestern corner of Utah.  We’re thrilled to bring Valley Tan that much closer to home.” -Brendan Coyle, Master Distiller

Item Details

How to Enjoy

Valley Tan can be enjoyed anyway you like, on ice, with a little water, or even “squar” meaning neat or without water.

The Name

Valley Tan is the historic name of the whiskey that the Mormons made from 1850 to about 1870 .

Back Label Story

The name Valley Tan originally referred to leather “tanned” by Mormon
pioneers. Eventually it applied to anything not imported, in other words
“homemade.” Homemade whiskey was also called Valley Tan, of which
Mark Twain wrote: “The exclusive Mormon refresher...Valley Tan... is a kind
of whisky, or first cousin to it; is of Mormon invention and manufactured
only in Utah. Tradition says it is made of [imported] fire and brimstone. If I
remember rightly, no public drinking saloons were allowed in the kingdom
by Brigham Young, and no private drinking permitted among the faithful,
except they confined themselves to Valley Tan.Ӡ Sir Richard Burton, one
of the greatest explorers of the 19th century and expert on religious places,
wrote “The whisky of Utah Territory unlike the Monongahela or rye of
Pennsylvania and the Bourbon…of Kentucky is distilled from wheat…”‡
Thus, we made our Valley Tan from wheat and aged it in new and used
barrels for a minimum of 1 year, creating a “pretty” sipping whiskey.
On front is Porter Rockwell, one of Utah Territory’s earliest lawmen and
reputed Mormon “Destroying Angel” [Twain explains: “Destroying Angels
as I understand it, are Latter-Day Saints who are set apart by the church
to conduct permanent disappearances of obnoxious citizens.”].† Upon
meeting Old Port, Sir Burton wrote: “Rockwell...pulled out a dollar and
sent to the neighboring distillery for a bottle of Valley Tan... We were asked
to join him in a ‘squar’ drink, which means spirits without water. Of these,
we had at least four, which, however, did not shake Mr. Rockwell’s nerve,
and then he sent out for more, meanwhile telling us of his last adventure.”‡
So...please have a ‘squar’ drink and contemplate a visit to High West.
Founder, David Perkins
Master Distiller, Brendan Coyle

Technical Details

• Bottled at 43.5% ABV
• TTB designation: Whiskey
• Filtration: Not chill filtered, not carbon treated
• Whiskey: A blend of whiskies, aged 1 - 6 years
• Mash bills: Wheat, Oat, Malted Barley

TTB Designation

Utah Whiskey

Proof & ABV

43.5 ABV / 87 Proof

Sensory Notes

Nose: Jackfruit and melon, leads to banana walnut bread and a touch of light oak & white raisins
Taste: tropical fruit & peach strudel with floral notes
Finish: lingering pineapple & honey comb with a touch of sweet cream