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Western Inspired Cuisine and Hospitality

Ski in or saunter over to our saloon. Take a seat at our bar, made of reclaimed wood from the Great Salt Lake Trestle Bridge of 1904, and drink in the Spirit of the West®. Or stay awhile longer and dine in one of our intimate, Western-appointed rooms. Our luxurious gastro distillery in the heart of Old Town Park City celebrates the rich heritage of Old West saloons. It’s a unique place for relaxing and refueling and a lively gathering spot for discussing the adventures of the day.


Experience our Western Inspired Victuals*

Visit our intimate, family-friendly restaurant (yes, there’s a kid’s menu) for a taste of the West unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Chef James Dumas fuses classic techniques, regional and seasonal flavors, as well as our own High West Distillery spirits to create innovative nouveau Western fare offered as small plates. Many of our dishes feature a sauce, herb, or grain directly related to production of our High West distilled spirits. We also offer custom pairings of our food with the beverage of your choice and while wine is always an option, we wholeheartedly recommend the whiskey.

*Victuals |vit’ls| (noun): Food for human beings, especially when it is cooked or prepared for the table; that which supports human life; provisions; sustenance. Often incorrectly spelled “vittles”. From Latin victualis “of nourishment”, from past participle of vivere “to live”.


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