16 Year Old Rocky Mountain Rye® (SOLD OUT)

16 Year Old Rocky Mountain Rye® (SOLD OUT)

A Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey with an unusual mash bill of 80% rye that makes this one of the most intense and spicy rye whiskies you will ever taste.
This 16 year old gem is best enjoyed alone, or with a little water, or with discerning friends, or good looking strangers. Or try our 16 with a dessert that goes well with its intense caramel and vanilla like Creme Brulee, fine chocolate, or an apple tart.
We named these Rocky Mountain Rye® for the whiskey that saloons imported to quench the thirst of the mining boomtowns in the Mountain West. As a modern day saloon, High West is doing the same while patiently waiting for High West's own whiskey to age.
This is one of the most intensely ryed rye whiskeys we've ever had the chance to taste. That's because of its very unusual mash bill, which boasts 80% rye, 10% corn, and 10% barley malt. Almost all rye whiskeys on the market today contain just over 51% rye because that's the minimum the U.S. government requires for the label to say "rye whiskey". Distilleries today tend to use more corn because corn costs less and they think consumers don't like rye's spiciness. We disagree. With its high rye content, this 16-Year-Old gem from the Barton Distillery is one of the most intensely flavored sipping whiskeys out there.

John Hansell, Malt Advocate - This is one bold rye whiskey which gets more powerful as it develops on the palate. It's crisp, clean and very spicy (cool mint, hot cinnamon), with molasses, caramel, honey, golden raisin, kiwi, coconut shavings, and a dusting of cocoa... This whiskey throws a mean punch!


86 Points

-Malt Advocate Magazine, Fall 2009

Highly Recommended

- Paul Pacoult's Spirit Journal, Sept 2009