21 YR Rocky Mountain Rye® (SOLD OUT)

21 YR Rocky Mountain Rye® (SOLD OUT)

This rye whiskey is highly unusual because it was aged in used oak barrels. Almost all American whiskey is aged in new oak and sold as a "straight" whiskey. Used barrels result in a taste profile less influenced by the wood, allowing the more delicate flavors of the rye distillate to prevail. A truly sophisticated sipping whiskey.
At the end of a meal or the end of a hard day, forget about single malts or cognac, have this 21 instead. Try it with a dessert that pairs well with an American rye's spice, caramel and vanilla like Créme Brulee, fine chocolate, or an apple tart.
We named these "Rocky Mountain Rye®" for the whiskey that saloons imported to quench the thirst of the mining boomtowns in the Mountain West. As a modern day saloon, High West is doing the same while patiently waiting for High West's own whiskey to age.
The Federal Government term for this is "Whiskey Distilled from Rye Mash Stored 21 Years in Re-Used Cooperage." Translation: This is very rare whiskey aged in USED barrels. All were aged on the lower three tiers of the rickhouse. Mash bill is 53% rye, 37% corn, 10% barley malt from the Barton Distillery.

John Hansell, Malt Advocate - "This is one soft, smooth rye whiskey. Gentle mint, green tea, cinnamon, nutmeg, roasted nuts, glazed fruit and candied corn, all lie on a bed of vanilla and caramel... I could drink this stuff all day long."


94 Points

- Beverage Testing Institute, February 2010

89 Points

- Malt Advocate Magazine, Fall 2009