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What is your favorite way to enjoy whiskey?
a. Neat! I like my whiskey as strong as I am
b. With a cube or two!
c. In a cocktail! Whiskey goes best with other delicious things
d. All of the above!
Where is your favorite place to enjoy whiskey?
a. At home, on a porch or in front of cozy fireplace
b. In a saloon, speakeasy, bar or restaurant
c. Outside, enjoying nature’s beauty with a sip of the good stuff
d. Depends! Any of those choices sounds great
Why is Double Rye! named Double Rye!
a. It is made from 2 rye whiskeys
b. It is designed to be twice as spicy as other rye whiskeys
c. It doubles as a sipping whiskey and a whiskey great for cocktails
d. All of the above
The Jackalope is a mythical fusion of which two animals?
a. Deer and prairie dog
b. Jack rabbit and antelope
c. Antelope and buffalo
d. Prairie dog and sage grouse
What is the American Prairie Reserve?
a. A group working to conserve more than 350,000 acres on Montana’s northern plains
b. A group working to rebuild wildlife populations by providing resilient and rich habitats
c. A group working with ranchers to promote wildlife-friendly ranching practices
d. All of the above
Why is our Campfire whiskey named Campfire?
a. It is best enjoyed around a campfire
b. Campfire warms you from the inside, like a campfire
c. The blend of bourbon, rye and a peated scotch give it a smoky character reminiscent of a campfire
d. All of the above
What was the Rendezvous?
a. An annual summer gathering of mountain men to exchange pelts for supplies from 1825 – 1840
b. A general store along the Oregon Trail
c. A mighty good fishing hole just north of Park City
d. The first saloon this side of the Mississippi
Where did the term "Yippee Ki-Yay" come from?
a. A Bruce Willis movie
b. From the 1936 hit song “I’m an Old Hand (from the Rio Grande)”
c. A natural sound one makes when riding a horse
d. I made it up last year
A Midwinter Night’s Dram is inspired by which English playwright?
a. Billy Quiverarrow
b. William Shakespeare
c. Willie Shakesword
d. Bill Shiverknife