Since High West’s first days, we’ve always believed in supporting our local Park City community and preserving the American west – with a few thoughtful donations each year we are able to help out in these specific areas!

With such high volume of donation inquiries – we ask that you help out our review process by reading our thoughtfully pre-determined criteria for consideration.

The two areas we will consider donating towards:

  • The preservation of the American West, its culture, its beauty, its heritage, and its natural resources.
  • Local performing arts organizations that promote American roots music, because that’s a surefire way we relax after a stressful day and remember our humanity.

Unfortunately, anything outside of these guidelines we will have to pass on. We’d love to be able to donate to everyone but have to limit our gifts!

We cannot consider requests for alcohol sponsorships (i.e. free product), it’s illegal in the state of Utah to give away alcohol. Respectfully, we ask that you don’t make spirit requests from High West.

If you would like High West Distillery & Saloon to consider a donation request and you fit the above guidelines, please use the form below to submit an official Donation Request Form.

Your request must be submitted at least six weeks prior to the event date to be considered. Due to the overwhelming volume of requests that we receive, we regret that we are unable to fulfill all of them. We request electronic format only, please refrain from phoning.

Thank you,

High West Distillery


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