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Barrel Selects

High West was founded with a spirit of innovation that carries through all of our products, whether in our unique blends or in our very own Valley Tan. We love experimenting with different barrel finishes, which is why we pride ourselves on our Barrel Selects. With our Barrel Selects, each barrel is a uniquely-finished variation of American Prairie Bourbon or Double Rye! Examples of barrels used to finish include Scotch, Pinot Noir, A Midwinter Nights Dram, and Barreled Manhattan, and the finish period ranges from 6 months to more than 2 years. Each barrel can produce anywhere from 275-400 bottles, depending on the length of aging and the type of barrel. 

Barrel Selects are available in retailers nationwide and in our Saloon and Refectory general stores. 

Item Details

How to Enjoy

Barrel Selects are best enjoyed neat, to fully appreciate the unique finish.

Back Label Story

Each Barrel Select is adorned with a brass tag, paying homage to Park City's mining heritage. In coal and silver mines around Park City, miners would each be assigned a brass number tag, which they would take into the mines each morning and hang up on a tag board each night. This way, the miners could keep track of who was still down below.